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Architecture Paper and Essay

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Architecture Paper and Essay Topics

The J. Paul Getty Museums

This undergraduate paper compares the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Getty Villa in Malibu in terms of design, layout, architectural details, lighting aspects, and design and construction history. 

The Lives of the Ancient Athenians as Figured in the Art and Architecture of the Acropolis of Athens.

This paper will argue that the Acropolis can only be understood in terms of the people who gave it shape, and embodied it with the hopes, experiences and aspirations of their time.

The New York Public Library.

This is a 10-page research paper on the New York Public Library. It contains a detailed architectural study of the library, its Beaux-Arts style, and a substantive history. It also contains some information about the Humanities and Social Sciences collection that is currently housed in the original NYPL building on 5th Ave. and 42nd Street. 

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The Origins Of American Civilization.

This paper shows how American civilization is probably the world's most peculiar civilization. As it came to replace the indigenous civilization of the native Indians, it also laid the foundations of a culture that was a mixture of several European cultures and trends. The following paper discusses the culture, influence of European colonialism, African migrants and the native Americans with respect to its development into a civilization. 

The Role of Architecture in the Late Capitalist City

This paper discusses the role of architecture in the late capitalist city as manifested in the writings of Mike Davis ("City of Quartz") and Aldo Rossi ("Architecture of the City"0, with Rossi noting trends with which he disagrees while Davis discusses these issues in terms of the design of Los Angeles and architectural styles currently prevailing there.

Value of Planning

This page paper looks at the idea of Planning theory with reference to certain past planners and the work they have carried out. The paper also looks at the idea of planning in the modern era and how new planners will affect the landscape in ways that will better the old masters and provide new ideas for architecture for the next generations.

What is the Relationship between People and Landscape

It is on this second level that this essay will be addressing the question of the relationship between people and landscape. It will be argued that the landscape serves human societies, in a sense, as a mirror that reflects our own values, prejudices and beliefs. As will be seen, this view of the landscape carries significant risks for both humans and the ecosystem as it often obscures our perception of the realities of the environment of which we are a part.

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